Natural Sugar Substitutes

Whether you are cooking, baking, or trying to decipher product labels at the store, it can be really confusing to try and figure out the sweeteners you want to include in your food and those you want to avoid. Personally, my main objective is to avoid white table sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Those two ingredients have been associated with a host of health issues including diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

I have found there are some that come from a natural sources, are minimally processed, break down in the body more slowly than processed sugars, and some even have vitamins and minerals as well. I have broken these sugar substitutes down into two groups; preferred sugar substitutes that are favored by this site, and reserved sugar substitutes that are used with discretion or in combination with more favored sweeteners.

On this site you will find recipes and products which use the following to add sweetness:

    Raw Honey
    Coconut Nectar
    Coconut Palm Sugar
    Fresh Fruits, Purees, and Juices

There will be some recipes and products highlighted that use the following in a minimal way:

    Barley Malt Syrup
    Brown Rice Syrup
    Fruit Juice Concentrates

When deciding what sweeteners are right for you and your family, it’s helpful to really take a look at some of the sweeteners that are being added to the foods you buy. The natural substitutes are often edged out by more commercially viable artificial sugar substitutes and many food labels include a host of refined sweeteners with names that are confusingly similar to their less processed cousins.

You can become a food detective and determine what you want to feed your family. Decreasing the sugar footprint can be easier with the recipes and products that fit this bill.


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