My Sugar Free Life

I didn't always live a sugar free life but now that I have I find I feel better and am happier with the foods I am feeding my family.

It would probably sound much more enlightened if I had decided to eliminate sugar from my diet to be a more mindful eater or to embrace naturally grown and minimally processed foods, but the truth is my body made the choice for me after my last pregnancy.

My third pregnancy was uneventful until the ultrasound showed I was having twins. That in of itself didn't derail my body but three months of hospital based bed-rest did.

The Babies Were Healthy But I Was Not

I'm thankful that the twins were born at term and were healthy. The medical intervention that I received including IV medication and multiple steroid shots prevented a pre-mature birth, but my health started to deteriorate after they were born. Every medical test indicated that I was healthy but I wasn't. I had drastic weight loss, hair loss, and swollen joints. I was a mess. After many medical consults which were inconclusive, I decided to seek out alternative medicine approaches.

Using Food as Medicine

I'm happy to report that I have fully regained my health. It took over five years but I now feel terrific. A number of approaches, including acupuncture, were very beneficial in my recovery. The single biggest approach I took to regain my health was to eat a very clean diet. For several years I only ate organic meat and veggies. After a while I could tolerate a few low-sugar fruits. For beverages I only drank filtered water, herbal teas, and fresh vegetable juices.

Doctors who practice traditional medicine couldn't come up with a diagnosis for what ailed me. Alternative medicine doctors that I saw indicated I had adrenal fatigue and leaky gut syndrome. I will never know exactly what caused my health to deteriorate but the stress of repeatedly going into labor, of dozens of steroid shots, of drinking gallons of fruit juice while on bed-rest probably didn't help.

My Sugar Free Life

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I have recovered, but I will never be the same. I don't take good health for granted anymore. I realize how much a good diet can heal and promote good health, as well as the negative impact of a highly processed and sugar laden diet.

Although I can tolerate a wide variety of foods now, my body gives me signs that sugar is not good for me to eat. Since 1999 I have rarely eaten foods with added sugar. I can eat foods with naturally occurred sugars such as fruit and milk but traditional bakery desserts are out for me.

I also don't care to eat a lot of foods with artificial sweeteners. I have experienced a number of negative side effects and for me, they are not part of a healthy diet.

This Site

My family and close friends know that I don't eat foods with added sugar. It doesn't stop me from having fun, from having dessert, or from eating a wide variety of foods. If you have been to my house for dinner or a party I probably served you food that you thought had sugar in it, but didn't. Over the years I have found ways to serve foods that traditionally have added sugar, but with ingredients that I feel are a better option for me and my family. I am using this site as a vehicle to share some of the ways I have found to go sugar free.

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