Going Sugar Free
Without Eating More Artifical Sweeteners

If you are following a sugar free diet or even a low sugar diet, join me on my journey to find healthy treats that don't rely on artificial sweeteners.



Some people follow a low carb-diet, I prefer to follow a smart-carb diet. I do eat carbs, but just try to avoid those, such as white sugar and high fructose corn syrup, that are just empty calories.

I'm a mom on a mission to feed my family healthy foods, but I'm also realistic and know they do want something sweet once in a while. I have found that there are natural sweeteners that are minimally processed that can be used in place of sugar and corn syrup.


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Please join me as I test out recipes and search out products that use healthy sweeteners. I welcome recipe and product suggestions and also appreciate that my opinions may be controversial. When possible I provide references at the bottom of each page so you can form your own opinion of what is best for you, along with the advice of your health care practitioner. Please leave a comment at the bottom of any of the pages on this site and follow me on Facebook and Twitter where I share new recipes and strategies for Going Sugar Free.

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